Trusted Partner

When you’re manufacturing a component that requires gears or splines, you need a gear supplier you can trust. After all, by the time your parts are ready for the gear or spline operation, you’ve got plenty of time and money invested as well as delivery dates to meet. You can’t afford mistakes or delays at this stage in the manufacturing process. You need your parts manufactured to print, on time, and at a competitive price. At Rubicon Gear, we’ve been in the gear and spline service business for more than 35 years. Let us earn your trust, just as we’ve done with hundreds of valued customers ranging from small job shops to divisions of large, multinational Fortune 500 corporations.

Quick Turn-Around

The average lead-time for our gear and spline services is just 5-to-7 days. We clearly understand that time equals money, and so we always maintain the available capacity to provide the quickest lead-times in the industry.

Service Capabilities

We offer a wide range of gear and spline manufacturing services including numerous specialty services that have never been replicated.

Niche & Specialty Gear Services

  • Cutting and Grinding Gears and Splines on Flight-Critical Aerospace Components
  • Cutting and Grinding Splines on Large Landing-Gear Components
  • Hard Hobbing and Shaping of Splines on Heat-Treated Components up to RC 48-52
  • Cutting and Grinding of Splines on Shafts up to 90” Long
  • Cutting and Grinding Gears and Splines on Nuclear Components

General Capacities/Tolerances


Value Added Services

In the process of machining gears and splines onto customer-supplied
components, we become an integral part of their overall
manufacturing process. To make this process as seamless as possible,
we provide several value-added services.


Long Term Contracts

We enter into long term contracts which eliminate uncertainty and provide our customers with fixed pricing and contractual obligations governing quality and delivery performance to help them maintain and grow their profit margins.


Strategic Partnerships

We have developed strategic partnerships with many of our service customers, marketing our combined capabilities in the pursuit of new business. Such a partnership allows our customers to expand their capabilities to include components and assemblies with gear or spline features without making the very costly capital investment.



Manufacturing + engineering

We strive to be the go-to Gear & Spline subject matter experts for our Service Customers. To this end, we collaborate closely with your engineering staff to ensure parts are properly prepared and tooled for the gear and spline manufacturing process.


Drop Shipments

We’re conveniently located near some of the larger aerospace special-processing companies, and can shorten lead-times by coordinating drop shipments to these vendors immediately following the gear and spline operations we perform.